An 11-day mini course that will make your daily life happier, starting today!



Here’s the good news: Happiness is a skillset that anyone can develop. And it’s possible to make happiness a daily habit - just like brushing your teeth, taking your vitamins, or walking the dog.

You can feel better and happier in the midst of your busy, imperfect life - without rebuilding everything from scratch or expecting everyone else to change.

Every single one of us can learn the tools, steps, and mindset shifts that make it easier to feel the way we want to feel - easeful, centered, joyful, and engaged with our lives.

Picture this: It’s the end of a full workday. Yes, you sat in traffic, had a lot of meetings, and spent 20 minutes cleaning the kitchen.

But you also had a soul-filling conversation with your oldest friend and found 10 minutes to drink a favorite cocktail out of your grandmother’s highball glass on the patio. Now you’re sitting down to read a delicious novel in a set of adorable pajamas - zero guilt.

It’s been a full day, with lots of ups and downs, but you can look back knowing that you were able to squeeze in some joy. And you can look forward to tomorrow because you know you’re absolutely capable of accessing happiness, no matter what life throws at you.

This is what’s possible when we learn how to make happiness a habit:

  • Release guilt over prioritizing your happiness
  • Find joy in your day-to-day life, not just vacations or weekends
  • Stop waiting for other people to change in order to feel good
  • Remove things in your life that unnecessarily dampen your joy
  • See your friends more + make new ones
  • Rewrite your internal narrative about what’s possible

“I truly believe Danielle has been instrumental in helping me make positive and lasting changes. I feel happier and more optimistic than I have felt in years and I attribute a lot of this to Danielle; I feel so much healthier both physically as well as spiritually and emotionally.”


Make Happiness A Habit is a doable, actionable mini-course delivered over email for 11 days. We’ve also included audio versions of each lesson so you can listen to them at your leisure, as well as worksheets that will help you internalize and retain each lesson.

  • Daily emails
  • Audio downloads
  • Worksheets

"Danielle feels like a wiser sister passing down lessons to me in a gentle and compassionate manner. I truly believe that I invested in myself working with Danielle. I feel the most authentic, empowered, expansive, awakened, and sexy than I have ever felt in my life!"



This mini-course is for smart, driven humans who want to feel happier in their day-to-day lives, without changing careers, moving off-grid, or becoming a professional yogi.

You’ll find actionable, evidence-based suggestions you can implement right now for a life that feels better, easier, and more fulfilling even though it’s still messy and busy.

For less than the cost of a takeout pizza, you could be on your way to a happier life. Click below to get started.

A note from me

Your happiness affects everything! I'm so excited to share the tools and methods within this program and I also want to share an important and personal note: I know where you’re coming from. I know what it’s like to feel unhappy—and honestly, there are still days I struggle with it. 

Not every day will be your happiest day, and that’s okay! 

But I've learned that when you have access to the right people (coaches, mentors, etc), and powerful, daily action steps, things are more likely to work. You're more likely to find momentum and to get unstuck. The process of building your dream life is so much more enjoyable. 

This is the fastest way to exit the land of the “unhappy, frustrated and unfulfilled” and enter into your dream life, where you commit to living out a bigger version of yourself and enjoy meaningful work, an abundant bank account, extraordinary health and relationships! 

I have curated these tools to help me in those moments when I'm struggling to find my happy and I can't wait to share them with you!